About the Founders: David & Zohar Levy

David Levy’s passion for all things chocolate started at an early age when his father would bring back only the most exquisite gourmet chocolates from around the world. Having tasted the very best of European chocolates, he noticed that of all the different varieties, chocolates from Belgium were the smoothest and richest. After 10 years of management in the food and beverage industry and working with leading Chocolatiers, the inspiration for sharing, teaching and entertaining people with the secrets of specialty chocolate making was a natural step in his career.

Zohar Abel-Levy: after graduating from pastry school as well as years of experience working in the hospitality industry, Zohar created at Chocolate Tales a one-of-a-kind professional and warm work environment. Her focus on building professional long-lasting relationships and collaborations has allowed Chocolate Tales to develop and become a mature and well-rounded small Canadian business.

Following their entrepreneurial zeal, presently David and Zohar manage their dream chocolate company. They stay on top of the latest and greatest trends to ensure their products and events are incomparable to others. They have exhilarated many with lively chocolate-inspired events & unique chocolate products and will continue to do so for years to come.

The people have spoken, and they want more chocolate!

Founder David Levy’s & Zohar Abel-Levy
Serviec Privare Kitchen rent
Started 2009
Industry Chocolate

Watch Out for what David & Zohar Levy say About Kitchen 24

Discover the incredible journey of David & Zohar Levy as they achieve their wildest dreams through our kitchen rental service. Witness firsthand how their success story intertwines with the growth of our business, serving as an inspiration to us all. Prepare to be motivated by their unwavering determination and the undeniable impact our partnership has had on their journey to success.

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