About Esme+Sita

Esme + Sita: A Fusion of Cultures and Wellness

Influenced by her Indian heritage and a mix of cultures, Rose’s passion for health and food led her on a transformative journey. Inspired by her friend Esmeralda and her uncle’s organic farm, and later by Sita’s wisdom in Ayurvedic medicine, Rose founded Esme + Sita. They started as a distributor of high-quality, organic Ayurvedic products, offering seed bars infused with exotic spices like turmeric and ginger. Their aim was to promote holistic well-being. With transparency, passion, and a commitment to quality, Rose and her partner Mohamed embarked on a mission to bring the best of East and West together.

Founder Rose
Serviec Privare Kitchen rent
Started 2015
Industry Seed Bars and health powders
What Founder Say About us

Rose Sayes : For our company, Kitchen24 has been a big help; we cannot think how we would function without it

I can’t emphasise enough how much Kitchen24 Studio has helped our little business grow. Since we started working with them, our firm has experienced exponential growth, and the favourable effect it has had on both our clientele and reputation is remarkable.

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