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GROCERY GOSSIP: Cue the Kitchen24

This commercial kitchen has a focus of helping individuals and entrepreneurs succeed in the foodservice industry by providing low-cost memberships to a collaborative kitchen environment. Spanning across an impressive 28,000 sq. ft., this state-of-the-art, multi-use culinary space not only features commercial kitchens, but provides access to office spaces, a photography studio, a cooking studio, as well as a beautifully designed event space.The cooking studio is equipped to fit any culinary activity, from cooking demos and hands-on cooking classes, to tastings and photo/video shoots. The venue also doubles as a unique event space, furnished with contemporary and rustic details.

Kitchen24 is the missing ingredient when establishing or developing a new business, product or simply bringing culinary visions to life. The brainchild of partners Alexandra Pelts and Steve Kidron, this is the first of its kind in Canada and it’s more than just a shared kitchen space, it’s a food community where people can learn, teach, test and network.

I was there for two special #Passioniscooking cooking classes created by Chef Dario Tomaselli and life coach Anita Heidema ( as well as meeting various food companies talking about upcoming food trends and ideas.

Address – KITCHEN24, 100 Marmora St. Suite 200 (Wilson Ave., east of Weston Rd.), 416 792-4505;

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